Who would have thought that burnt vegetables would give birth to a dish with a special taste: no one could have guessed the ingredients – they thought they were eating meat.

– Have you counted how many times you have to grill and cook during the summer?

– I usually make the grill probably every other day, and at the weekend I use both Friday and Sunday, because that’s my job. But I also had a more intense period where I would fire up the grill every Friday and only finish it on Sunday. This is how I am always connected to the grill every weekend. And while most people associate grilling over the fire with summer, I love fall, when the smoke of the hot grill complements the already cold weather. Then I pulled out my own recipe that was special for this season.

– What is the most unexpected dish you can cook? Or maybe you remember some surprising combination of flavors?

– In fact, the most unexpected thing, perhaps not only for me, but also for my environment, is the burnt vegetable soup. The point is very simple – you burn vegetables, grind, add juice and voila. It looks like you’re eating meat, but it’s a great dish even for vegetarians or vegans. I would think that this is probably the most unexpected combination of flavors for the date, which whoever tasted it could not guess the real ingredients and the preparation process. But you already know – you can try. Also, this recipe is good because you can use any vegetables, and you don’t need to buy anything special. Or if you’re shopping, you can browse stores for the best prices and seasonal selections.

– In the past, there was usually a certain person in the family or clan who was responsible for frying, because not everyone knew how to prepare and prepare food for grilling. But now it seems that everyone can bake, because there are all kinds of devices and ready-made products that just need to be cooked. Do you notice this change?

– Yes, the change is clear, bright and very visible. This was greatly influenced by the arrival of the popularly called “eggo ijo” or ceramic grill. Now we have grilling experts on every yard and it’s really fun. Europe rarely boasts a variety of flavors and recipes for baked goods. Finally, the market is also adapting, the supply of various products for grilling on the fire is increasing. Working as a grill expert at Lidl, I noticed that a variety of cheeses for the grill became especially popular, and meat or fish patties replaced the usual shishlik for us. We are not afraid to experiment, we combine jam and poultry, marinate fruits or mushrooms.

– Can we say that grilling season can last a year?

– “There is never a wrong time to grill” – I often say this myself, but it’s always seasonal and different dishes. As an example, we like hot dogs in the summer, stews are popular in the cold. Around October, different types of smoking begin: from pork to salmon. In general, I don’t think grills should be locked away in a garage or shed, even when it’s cold. For me, winter is a wonderful time to cook outside. Cold feet, warm hands, slow smoke. Romance!

Who would have thought that burnt vegetables would give birth to a dish with a special taste: no one could have guessed the ingredients - they thought they were eating meat.

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– What is the difference between grilling food in summer and winter or autumn? What do you recommend to consider?

– In winter and autumn, I recommend choosing such a dish that does not cool down quickly due to the cold weather. For example, if you are grilling a hamburger or a hot dog, before taking everything off the grill, before putting it together and combining it with other toppings, it is possible that you should eat the dish that has been cooled. And in autumn and winter, we usually expect warmth from food, so that not only happiness, but also body heat. Therefore, my recommendation is to immediately choose a safer and more suitable option. As I said, it can be all kinds of stews, or slow-cooked – ribs, minced meat. It is also perfect for all recipes that require a saucepan. These dishes will surely guarantee not only a delicious dinner with your loved ones, but also help to create and complement the mood of a dark winter or autumn evening.

– If people only take out the grill once a season, for some special occasion, what recipe would you definitely recommend to try?

– I personally always choose beef cheeks. This is a very time consuming but delicious dish. A minute after tasting, you immediately realize that you have spent time not in vain. This dish is special because it is not only intended for grilling, but it is suitable for a campfire or a simple grill, because everything can be prepared and then put in the stew. This would be my choice to recommend to anyone for a special occasion. Plus, the food is perfect for the start of fall.

Who would have thought that burnt vegetables would give birth to a dish with a special taste: no one could have guessed the ingredients - they thought they were eating meat.

– And if people still want to say goodbye to the Grill for the cold season and put it in the pantry. What are the tips to properly clean and prepare for winter?

– First of all, before saying goodbye, I recommend burning all the charcoal. But if there are still coals and you really don’t want to grill anymore, then it should be put in a dry place. Basically, the grill itself must be well-burnt, in other words, heated, resulting in a high temperature. This disinfects the device and thus burns the remaining food residues. Otherwise, if something remains inside, moisture appears, the grill begins to form. So the most important thing is to clean it well after the season. And put it, if possible, also in a dry place.

Of course, not everyone has this opportunity, so sometimes you have to leave the grill outside. Then I recommend at least covering it with a cloth. If we are talking about barbecue, I also recommend to dry it, under the roof. Well, when it comes to cast iron pans and other similar cooking utensils, they should also be heated and greased with any kind of fat or oil. Then you can put it in a cool place to prevent it from rusting. Of course, if you use gas cylinders or flammable liquids, remember to be careful and put them in a safe place out of the reach of children.

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