Visitors almost cried after receiving a serving of potato pancakes at the cafe

It is a wonderful celebration, where people can not only taste fish cooked by professionals, but also enjoy listening to Lithuanian folk songs.

Everyone who visits the festival will agree that you can taste different types of fish after walking just a few steps from one participant’s pot to another.

But you can not deny the fact that fish soup alone will not satisfy those who like a hearty lunch. So, after walking around the festival, we started looking for a place to have lunch.

When we close our eyes, we look at the map on the phone, and luck to feed the cat fell in the city of Kintos. When we drive to Kinty, we choose a place to have lunch. To continue the spirit of Lithuania, which was filled in a few hours in Rusne, we chose the “Kuršiai” cafe. At least the image of the dish in the customer review is the most suitable for Katinas needs that day.

We settled on the terrace of the cafe. With a fresh breeze, which reminds us that it is autumn, not summer, we also receive a waiter who, usually for a small cafe, presents a menu in a leather cover, inside which are usually written all the dishes that the chef is working on. and has worked in the kitchen and has learned all his life.

But when I opened the menu, I realized that the initial thought about the extensive menu was wrong. It is also interesting that the first page displays the text: “In our cafe, the food is not heated, but prepared only for you and only after ordering.”

This made it clear that the cafeteria did not smell of half-finished products, so when I ordered food, I also ordered spicy cheese donuts along with other dishes.

Let’s start with that review.

As soon as I saw the donuts, I immediately realized that the person who made this menu was lying, and when he read my text, his ears were ashamed. I’d like to hope that eventually the ears will turn purple and that the color will just disappear when I remove the fake text on the front page or remove that donut from the menu. And when the canteen cooks hot products half finished, let the ears burn red.

I only ate one cheese donut. It has happened more than once in a catering company due to negligence, without asking whether a half-finished product will be heated, and the same product has been received. In conclusion, I just want to give advice to the cafe owners about this chemistry ball: if the purple ears don’t bother you and don’t embarrass you, then choose something better from the frozen donut offer, because far from me. have tried similar products, this is the worst in my opinion.

When I tried to shake off the thought that I had been deceived by the first dish, Katiniene calmly ate the fish.

To the reader’s question, why don’t we eat at the fish festival, I answer: the queue for the shared fish is so long that I remember the Soviet times, when my grandmother and I stood in a kilometer line for toilet paper. So at the festival, we just admire the process of cooking fish and the happy faces of those who love fish in the line.

Although he did not taste the fish at the festival, but according to Katinienė’s opinion, the fish served in Kintai could bravely compete with the champions. A few spoonfuls of richly fishy soup and I agree with his opinion. The only thing that is strange is the amount of sour cream in the soup, which, as if feeling displeasure with participation, is difficult to mix even in hot soup.

When we were served the main course, Katiniene and I looked around and realized that we had made a mistake because we did not order any main course with fish.

But there was no time to panic – after one donut and a few spoonfuls of fish sauce, I started eating German schnitzel.

Large plates – large portions, I would say that is a distinguishing feature from many small town restaurants. The only difference here is the side dish, or more precisely, the strips of colorful vegetables that replace the usual beet, carrot and cabbage salad in the cafe. Dumplings “Curonian”, decorated with sprouts, blueberries and raspberries, are a small surprise.

Everything was fine with the schnitzel I ate, except for the fact that when I asked for mashed potatoes with the schnitzel, I was told that nothing could be changed, it was as shown in the menu.

So, looking at the mashed potatoes on Katinienė’s plate, I think about the robotization that must be done in the cafe kitchen, which does not allow the smart machine that prepares the order for the program in such a way that instead of schnitzel, mashed potatoes appear next to fries. I know – there is a cashier program where, when determining the dish, the calculation is also reflected, but here it is also possible to change that will not harm Katino and allow a large spoonful of mashed potatoes to enter his plate.

Katiniene has no complaints about the neck steak: not overcooked, the meat is juicy, only the sauce stuck to him. Answer: The first thing he told me was that the sauce was frozen. But after tasting, we both came to the conclusion that the sweetness is provided by a strong cinnamon aftertaste.

Maybe someone likes the combination with neck steak, but personally, I have an image of apple pie – just not pork steak – in my mind.

Since donuts are back in the kitchen, and big cats like me can’t get enough of steak, I ordered potato wedges for dessert.

So when Katinienė was enjoying a warm cupcake with ice cream, I proudly cut grated potato pancakes and almost cried when my mind returned to my childhood.

One pancake out of three servings is enough to Feed a hungry Fat Cat. So we took two still with us.

I summarize. When evaluating “Kuršius”, I rejected the establishment status – cafe. Therefore, it is naive to expect some more elegant gastronomic miracles in the cafe. When we go to a cafe, we expect only a good meal without coffee or other hot or refreshing drinks.

And if it wasn’t for the donuts, even after making this comment, I would be forced to give this cafe 5/5. Because the girl who served us and other customers on the terrace that day worked flawlessly. And all the dishes are served with love.

So, writing 4/5, I would like to advise the owner of the cafe to remove the donut from the menu. Bread with cheese is better than lame half-finished products.

And for those who will pass by Kintus, I recommend stopping by and tasting the dishes prepared here, because we will come back here again if we have the chance.

“fat cat”

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