Travel to Asia in Vilnius station area – 5 places to see

1. Homemade ramen and Korean cuisine

Pamela's Ramen Bar

Pamela’s Ramen Bar

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One of the newest names on the station district’s Asian food map is ramen bar Pamella. From now on, he shares space with the most famous bakery in Vilnius “Druska Miltai Vanduo”. The place, where visitors gather during the day for the most delicious snacks and delicious breakfast, changes dramatically in the evening – loud music, cocktails and a menu of Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Pamella’s star is the ramen. We improved the recipe some years, tasting and researching ramen around the world. Therefore, we know exactly what is needed for good ramen – we cook the broth that has been boiled for several days and make the noodles with a special noodle machine. This is our business card”, says Vilius Kadūnas, the founder of the restaurant.

However, ramen is not the only “gem” on the menu. Pamella also has many Korean dishes, which makes more customers return to the restaurant.

At Pamella, we make everything by hand – from sauces to broths, from meat marinades to bread. Therefore, the Korean dishes on the menu are full of natural fermentation, umami and other expressive flavors typical of this region. The ones who get the most compliments. For example, Vilnius people are very fond of corndog hot dogs. Quality beef sausage in a corn dough casing and homemade dashi mayonnaise – a combination that is hard to resist. Korean fried chicken and self-fermented kimchi cabbage are also popular,” said the restaurant’s founder.

The founder of the restaurant is Vilius Kadūnas

The founder of the restaurant is Vilius Kadūnas

Press release

Address: Jl. Gelezinkelio 3, Vilnius. Working hours: IV-VII 17-22 h.

2. Azerbaijani kebab and Turkish baklava


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If you notice a line of people waiting patiently on the streets of Kaunas, you’ve come to the right place. Hungry Vilnius residents gathered to taste the legendary “Azerų” kebab, which recently opened another location in the Vilnius station area. A fast food restaurant specializing in Turkish and Azerbaijani flavors, which includes West Asian cuisine, accidentally chose the station area.

garbage, colorful clientele and atmosphere – Vilnius station district still retains its authenticity. In terms of gastronomy, it is also diverse – from luxurious dinners to chebureks smelling of fat or beliašas heated in a microwave oven. But that’s why it’s interesting. In addition, the aesthetics of the 90s and West Asian culture are two themes encoded in the “Azerai” identity, and they fit well with the Vilnius station area”, says the founder of the kebab shop, Lukrecijus Dūda.

“Azerai” has earned its name not only for its provocative communication, but also for its production of exceptional quality – from the very beginning. Baked lavash for meat and self-made sauces. The menu has only a few dishes, but it is perfect for small details.

Although everyone flocks to “Azerai” for kebabs, L. Dūda recommends trying his own caramelized Turkish baklava with Greek nuts, almonds, pistachios and cashews.

Address: Jl. Kauman 2, Vilnius. Working hours: IV, 11:30-22:00, VI-VII 12:00-22:00. Evening hours on weekends V-VI 22:00-03:00.

3. A family business inspired by the taste of Vietnam

Asian Viet

Asian Viet

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A real family business, which has put all its love for food in the name Asia Viet, has invited visitors right next to the Halle market for the fourth year. Culinary tour guides refer to places like “hidden gems”.

“Often our guests are surprised to find an amazing place somewhere in the station area where they can taste authentic cuisine. Our Pho Bo soup, which, according to our customers, is the tastiest version of this soup in all of Vilnius, gets a lot of praise. That evaluation is important very much for us, because all the families involved in this business sincerely love what they do,” said founder Hung Vu Van.

However, the menu at the restaurant is really extensive and not just for Pho soup. Visitors can also enjoy colorful curry stew, fried noodles, Lithuanian favorite “Gong Bao” chicken, crispy duck in tamarind sauce and many other dishes inspired by the Asian region.

Address: Jl. Pilimo 61, Vilnius. Working hours: II-VI, 11:00-21:00, VII 11:00-20:30.

4. Different sushi restaurants



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Named the best Japanese restaurant in Lithuania several times, “Narushi” was first opened in the Vilnius station area. Chef Karolis Narušis, who worked in a famous Japanese restaurant in London and returned to Vilnius to live, accidentally chose the station area for the restaurant.

“In other countries in the world, the best shops and restaurants are next to the central city station. Even if some people say that I took a big risk, I really don’t regret it”, said the founder of the restaurant.

“Narushi” caused a revolution in Lithuanian sushi restaurants, offering a different approach to Japanese gastronomic standards. The restaurant’s most popular dish – “Escolar maki” sushi with butterfish and yuzu truffle sauce – has become legendary. However, K. Narušis urges you not to be afraid to try other dishes.

“Lithuanians are still afraid of fresh fish, but for no reason! In our kitchen, we order the highest quality, selected products, not only from all over Europe, but also from Japan itself. Therefore, I invite you to try first-class sashimi at our place “, said the founder of the restaurant.

Address: Jl. Pilimo 60. Working hours: II-IV 12:00-22:00, V-VI 12:00-24:00.

5. Authentic Vietnam in All Saints Street


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Red plastic chairs, a lot of hungry Vilnius residents sitting on the sidewalk, and brightly colored umbrellas – this is a scene you only see in the “Viet.inės” restaurant located on All Saints Street. It is said that this is the most authentic Vietnamese food place in Vilnius, with Van, a Vietnamese woman living in Lithuania, behind the wheel.

According to the founder of the restaurant, Lithuanians’ understanding of Asian food is excellent. Many people have been to Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam, so they know very well what authentic spring rolls or authentic Pho soup is like.

It is no coincidence that founder Van grows many herbs that are abundant in Vietnamese cuisine in his greenhouse. Everything here is fresh and very seasonal – lighter dishes and salads dominate in the summer, and when the weather is cold, all Vilnius residents gather here for the famous Vietnamese soup – Pho Bo with rice noodles and beef dumplings. You should also try the crispy rolls with vegetables or the delicious salad with “Bun Nem” noodles.

Address: Jl. Všeš Šventyų. 5. Working hours: III-F 11:30-15:00, 17:00-22:00. VI 11:30-23:00, VII 13:00-21:00.

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