Traditional kesel – try Asia: 3 recipes with salmon

Asian spices and sauces are a great addition when looking for traditional dishes. For example, different types of fish or salmon can be enjoyed with Asian pasta, sauce, chili, ginger, and also combined with Asian dishes: rice, fried vegetables or pickles. Vaida Budrienė, communications manager of the shopping chain “This”, said that fish and seafood, as well as spices inspired by different cuisines around the world, are popular with customers.

“Lithuanians buy salmon all year round. However, we found that customers are increasingly looking for a more sophisticated taste. Flounder, wolffish, and different types of seafood are also found in the shopping basket. We noticed that when we experimented in the kitchen, Lithuanians choose accessories inspired by the cuisine of different countries, including Asia: soy, chili sauce, rice vinegar, spices,” said V. Budrienė.

steam, wok in the pan

Vilma Juodkazienė, representative of the shopping chain “This”, said that different types of fish, including salmon, can be given a new taste by choosing different additives: soy, teriyaki, oyster or fish sauce, miso paste.

“One of the most popular ways to prepare fish in Japan is to grill it. It’s very easy to prepare fish this way – you just need to marinate it in salt and cook it on fire. In China, fish is preferred to be steamed or boiled wok in a pan: fry in oil, cook with rice or Asian noodles, cook fish fry method”, said V. Juodkazienė.

According to him, fry a long-loved Chinese cooking method in which the ingredients are quickly fried in oil and heated, stirring wok in the pan. This technique originated in China, but has spread to other countries in Asia and the Western world. Various vegetables are an integral part of this dish: Beijing cabbage, broccoli, onions, carrots, sauce. Salmon or other favorite fish are also perfect as a base dish.

The soup is cooking

Another popular way to use salmon in Asia is to make soups. For example, in Southeast Asia, salmon soup is cooked with tomatoes and fresh coriander. First, the chicken broth is boiled, then pieces of salmon, Asian noodles, lightly fried tomatoes, garlic and fish sauce, and sesame oil are added. Finally, this soup is served with lime wedges and fresh cilantro.

Another popular fish dish in Asia is salmon and rice soup with ginger. It is very easy to make at home. First, the rice is boiled. Salmon seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil. Finally, pour your favorite broth into a large pot, add coriander leaves, boiled rice and grated ginger. Finally, salmon is added to the soup. Everything still converts to about 15 minutes. and served.

The representative of “This” also shared several other recipes with salmon inspired by Asian cuisine.

Salmon soup with Asian noodles

You will need:

A handful of your favorite Asian noodles

Sliced ​​salmon

2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil

3 tablespoons of finely chopped garlic

7 cups of chicken broth

A cup of chopped tomatoes

A spoonful of fish sauce

A spoonful of your favorite chili

2 teaspoons of sesame oil

1 cup chopped scallions

1/2 cup chopped coriander leaves

Some orange slices

We produce:

Place the pasta in a large bowl, cover with boiling water and soak until soft. Heat oil in a pan and fry the garlic. Pour the broth into the pot and bring to a boil. Add tomatoes, fish sauce, chili sauce and sesame oil. Add salmon, reduce heat and cook until salmon is cooked, about 5 minutes. Add the pasta and scallions and sauté everything for about another minute. Serve with fresh cilantro and lime wedges.

Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce

You will need:

800 g salmon (sliced)

400 g of cherry tomatoes with twigs

2 lemons

1⁄4 century sh. freshly ground pepper

1⁄2 century sh. salt

40 ml thick teriyaki sauce

2 v. sh. olive oil

We produce:

Dry the salmon slices with paper towels and season with salt on both sides. Spray a hot grill pan with olive oil, add a slice of salmon, sprinkle with half of the teriyaki sauce and cook for 4 minutes. Turn the fish, pour the remaining teriyaki sauce, sprinkle with pepper and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Transfer the fish to a plate and add the cherry tomatoes and half a lemon to the pan. Bake for 7-8 minutes until tender and serve with salmon.

Salmon with soy and ginger

A few pieces of salmon

3 tablespoons of soy sauce

1 teaspoon of rice vinegar

2 minced garlic cloves

2 teaspoons of grated ginger

1 teaspoon of honey

1/2 tsp sriracha gravy

2 teaspoons of oil

Chopped onion leaves

Toasted sesame seeds

We produce:

Combine soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, and ginger in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, then remove from heat and stir in honey and sriracha Drizzle salmon sauce with oil. Heat the pan, put the salmon and put the heated pan in the oven heated to 200 degrees. Fry the fish for about 3 minutes. Then take it out of the oven, cover with the resulting sauce and bake for about 6 minutes. Remove from the oven and cover with foil. Rest for 4-5 minutes. Serve the fish with the remaining sauce, rice, chopped onion leaves and sesame seeds.

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