Spanish cold soup – refreshing on a hot day

Spanish cold soup gazpacho is a great dish on a hot day. The base of this soup is tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Other ingredients can vary, making gazpacho soup very versatile; different taste, color.

While living in Spain, I had the opportunity to taste the traditional gazpacho of the province of Córdoba (also called salmorejo in Spanish). It differs from other types of gazpacho because of its thick creamy consistency and orange color. This gazpacho should be seasoned with cured Serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs.

Cooking time: 20-25 min.
Difficulty: Easy.

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Ingredients for cold gazpacho soup:

5 large and good homemade tomatoes (only high-quality tomatoes with excellent juice will guarantee the correct taste of the gazpacho soup);
2-3 cloves of garlic;
About 0.5 dry French baguettes (will give thickness to the mass);
2 teaspoons of red wine vinegar;
¼ cup of premium olive oil;
1 teaspoon of sugar;

For the seasoning:

1 boiled egg;
Serrano ham;


Remove the skin from the tomatoes (by throwing them into hot water and peeling the tomatoes). Soak the baguette in water to clean it. Cut tomatoes, garlic. Then put tomatoes, garlic, red wine vinegar, oil, soaked baguette, salt, sugar in a blender and whip. We pour the obtained mass into a sieve and rub it so that the consistency is as creamy as possible.

Once ready, let the soup cool for 2-3 hours. in the refrigerator.
Before serving, cover the top of the cold soup with slices of ham and cut hard-boiled eggs.

The cold soup above is traditional, but remember that gazpacho is a great soup to experiment with! You can use ingredients such as cucumber, green or red pepper, watermelon. You can make it thick with baguette and more liquid without baguette. Add water or tomato juice. Sliced ​​vegetables can be used for seasoning.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy the different flavors of this Spanish cold soup!

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