Seimas was left without a cafe: the seymuna asked not only to return, but also permission to sell alcohol.

Some politicians complained that the situation was not normal, it did not happen even during the blockade and there was no such absurdity in other parliaments around the world. Along with food, some members of the Seimas want to bring back alcohol, which was banned in the Seimas during the Arūnas Valinskas era.

“Anyway, it’s possible to live, but the most important bread is bread, vegetables, well, and meat. The meat is really good. I think that Lithuania still produces good products”, said MP Socdem Kęstutis Vilkauskas. This is how he ate at the Seimas on Wednesday. They say it’s pretty good, they just want soup.

“The most important thing for me is that there is soup at lunch, now there are not many options for soup, you have to look for it, but I think that a snack before the next meeting is enough,” he said. K. Vilkauskas.

Parliamentarians used to find soup and other dishes at the Seimas canteen, but now it is empty.

“Hello, the canteen in Seimas is not open, we are really facing a problem, because our colleagues or office employees are nowhere, lunch, breakfast, canteens are not open”, he said. Vice Chairman of Seimas Paulius Saudargas.

Before the summer, the entrepreneurs terminated the contract after feeding the Seimas. The office announces a new competition, but no one wants to give the chosen food. The Seimas has become the only parliament among developed countries without a cafeteria.

“Both during January 13 and during the economic blockade, cafes and canteens operate in chambers I and II of the Seimas,” said Audronius Ažubalis, a member of the Conservative faction.

“Both during the blockade and during the events of January 13, Lithuanian independent farmers who had appeared at that time brought meat, pork, potatoes, cabbage here, and the canteen staff were sizzling and stewing, and we, the parliamentarians, stood in line there, take, as a student in the canteen, “recalls Eugenijus Gentvilas, elder of the Liberal Movement faction.

In the past, the politicians’ tables in the Seimas were full. But now there are no sizzling pigs or meatballs in the Seimas, no soup pots either.

“Today, luckily, the committee meeting is shorter, it’s over, the next meeting is only at 3:00 p.m., so I can go home and eat at home,” said Algirdas Sys, a member of the Socdem faction.

“No, I haven’t eaten yet. I’m going to meet the president in half an hour. I heard that there is no food problem in the presidency, so maybe the president sees this whole situation with understanding. take the initiative and feed the members of the upcoming Seimas,” said Andrius, chairman of the Labor Party of Mazuron.

But Mazuronis should be disappointed – the cafe has not worked in the presidency for a long time.

“Listen, let’s cancel it, then there’s nothing, we’ll stay. We will not leave,” said A. Mazuronis.

“I want to remind you that intermittent fasting, first of all, is very healthy, and Seimas members can definitely improve metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins, if bitch will starve,” said Vice Chairman of the Seimas Vytautas Mitalas.

Not only members of parliament, but also office workers, journalists, visitors to parliament, and guests eating at the Seimas cafe. Although some politicians used to go to town for lunch or just bring food from home. But the canteen is gone for the most part.

“Don’t worry, I ran in the Seimas just for that reason, so that I can eat here, there is no point anymore, I should give a mandate,” said E. Gentvilas.

“You just ordered lunch, didn’t you?” – Yes. — If it’s not a secret, what is? “Chicken fillet and mushroom soup,” said Mindaugas Ramelis, advisor to E. Pupinis.

Now 2 terminals have been built near the canteen – where you can choose food and order, delivery twice a day – 12 o’clock and 1 o’clock. It is necessary to order before 11 o’clock. Otherwise, you will only have lunch the next day.

“I really don’t see the tragedy, it doesn’t make any difference to me if the canteen or volt, bolts, orders, meals etc. “, said M. Ramelis.

Politicians have given instructions to the Seimas Chancellor – it will take some time to make the cafe work again.

“Let’s leave it for the coming weeks, we gave ourselves a deadline to find the solution and I’m sure we will do it,” said P. Saudargas.

But politicians want not only meatballs and chops back – they say that alcohol, which was banned by Arūnas Valinskas back in 2009, should also be brought back.

“I definitely don’t like vodka, whiskey, cognac, strong drinks here, but it’s a European tradition to have wine or beer at lunch in general,” said E. Gentvilas.

Yes, apparently he needs a lot, I think maybe he can last until he finishes work and then he gets better, if he really has a problem with drinking and he can’t sit in a meeting without drinking”, said Aurelijs Veryga, member. of the farming faction.

Gentvilas said he does not drink during the day, but it is customary in politics to raise a glass of wine during lunch when receiving guests or delegates.

“Look, today I’m going to have lunch at a restaurant, maybe a cafe, a pizzeria, there are alcoholic drinks. I’m going to run, what? bitch? This is Veryga’s understanding that if there is alcohol, it must already be in the soup. understanding of Russia”, said E. Gentvilas.

Whether not only meatballs will return, but also wine, beer, or something stronger is not yet known.

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