Lunch at a popular pizzeria is soup with worms

“We want to share the unfortunate incident so that more people can pay attention to the quality of the food offered in the restaurant.

Maybe worm soup? You will not believe, but this dish can be tasted not only in the Far East, but also in Lithuania. Or maybe you just tasted this soup and didn’t know it yet?

On Wednesday (November 4), as usual every working day, my friends and I decided to have lunch at the “Charlie Pizza” restaurant located in the “Domus Pro” shopping center on Beiliūnai St. 1, in Vilnius. We took advantage of the lunch offer today, ordered soup (they offer lentil soup today) and salad.

Soon they brought soup. We couldn’t believe it when we saw 3 worms floating on the surface. The soup, as you can see in the photo, is not stirred, so it is difficult to determine the number of other worms. The waitress came and said that it was not possible, took the soup, asked us not to go anywhere and ran out. Surprised and forgetting that we were hungry, we left the restaurant. It’s scary to think how many people tasted this soup that day…

We shared photos of the soup on Facebook. Charlie Pizza restaurant staff responded quickly and contacted us. He explained that the worms were in the soup most likely along with the grits. But is this the explanation? In our opinion, the worms are not found in the grits, but in the cured meat. 30 euros and a discount card are offered to delete photos and remove all comments.

We can’t keep this case, so we’re going to food and animal services, we’re waiting for the conclusion,” wrote Kristina P.

Soup with worms

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DELFI approached Lina Nikonovaitė, marketing manager of Amber Food group, owner of Charlie Pizza. He continued the inspection report of the Vilnius State Veterinary Service, which stated that no violations were found in the pizzeria.

Kristina and her friends received lentil soup with worms on November 4th. Inspectors who went to the catering establishment on November 9 found no noodle soup or worms.

“During the inspection, the lentil soup was not made, so according to the technological description and recipe provided, the quality and storage conditions of the food products used to prepare the soup were checked. On the day of the inspection, the company did not have lentils, so the quality of the product and other ingredients (carrots, onion, garlic, sausage) were assessed. The product is of high quality, so the validity of the complaint cannot be confirmed”, the report of the Vilnius State Food and Veterinary Service inspector read.

When asked how he could comment on the photo showing worms swimming in the soup, L. Nikonovaitė did not answer.

Answer from Vilnius State Food and Veterinary Service

Answer from Vilnius State Food and Veterinary Service

Answer from Vilnius State Food and Veterinary Service

Answer from Vilnius State Food and Veterinary Service

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