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In a sense, the lens can be called a natural antidepressant. Because it is claimed that regular use can calm the nerves and help overcome stress. In addition, lentils improve the general tone of the body and strengthen immunity. Nutritionists recommend it especially for people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, as well as those who complain of digestive problems. Lentils are rich in fiber and almost fat-free, so they have the right to be called a dietary product.

Lentils are the fastest growing legume. Lentils are often combined with meat when cooking soups or second courses.

Before cooking, lentils should be washed in cold water, preferably in a colander. You need to put lentils in boiling water, which, by the way, should be poured 1.5-2 times more than when cooking other legumes. In a covered container, depending on the type, you should cook the lentils for 10-40 minutes, stirring constantly. It is best to salt lentils at the end of cooking.

Various species

Red. This species is widely used in Asian national cuisine. Red lentils have the skin removed, so they cook the fastest of all types. They are added to soups, perfect for filling, as well as making porridge.

If you want to add red lentils to your salad, don’t cook them, otherwise they will turn into mush.

By the way, red lentils change color when cooked, becoming slightly pale. These lentils taste like buckwheat porridge.

The chocolate one. This is the only type of lentils that experienced chefs recommend soaking in water for at least half an hour. Brown lentils are also great for porridge as they cook well.

French greens. These lenses are manufactured in the French town of De Puy. They differ from ordinary green lenses in color – they resemble marble. This is the most aromatic and light lentil. Even lentils that are treated with heat do not lose their shape, so they are perfect for salads.

“Beluga” (black). Small lentil peas are like caviar. They were boiled for 20 minutes. Suitable as a dish for meat, added to ragu, various salads.

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