Juoz Statkevičius soup hits the shelves of “Maxima”.

Buyers can find this product in large Maximos stores. Meanwhile, the company’s commercial manager Vilma Drulienė noticed that buyers, trying to save time, are increasingly choosing ready-made soups, according to a press release.

“This news is the first functional soup in the range of the Kėdainiai konservi fabriko brand. Juozas Statkevičius approached us and offered to create a product accessible to everyone. The new soup is low in calories. We believe that products like this will be in demand because of the big holidays this year ,” said Andrius Viazovskis, CEO of Kėdainiai konservų fabrikos.

The composition of “Green vegetable soup” includes various vegetables, such as cabbage, green pepper, green tomato, various herbs and spices. Buyers will find in the store formats XX, XXX and XXXX.

“We notice that ready-made soup continues to grow in popularity: customers appreciate it more and more.” This is the canned soup sales from 2017. increased by an average of 20 percent. annual. Last year, in January-October, we sold 788 thousand. of such soups, and in the first ten months of this year we sold 950 thousand. her”, shared V. Drulienė.

When it comes to canned soup, Lithuanians’ favorite is pickled cucumber soup. 114 thousand have been sold this year. Ukrainian borschts are slightly behind, of which more than 85 thousand have been sold this year. pcs and beetroot soup, which this year customers have bought 82 thousand. together.

“It is very important to mention another trend: we observe the growth of sales of organic canned soup. Buyers are more concerned about their health and what they put in their mouths. During the first ten months of this year, we sold 24% of organic soup. more than last year in the same period”, said V. Drulienė.

However, the best-selling instant soup remains Maggi cheese soup with toast, which sold 318,000 units this year. thick chicken soup with croutons and soluble borscht soup with croutons lag behind in terms of sales.

Instant soup has become the most popular over the years. Almost 2 million are sold on average every year. Units. Next on the list are boiled, organic and canned soups.

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