How attractive trip to Alanya

Who will decide to go to Turkey? to Alanya, which is definitely not going to happen. This city is located in the province of Antalya, located in the south of the country. In summer, the temperature here reaches 37 degrees Celsius, and in winter the air does not cool down to ten degrees. Lovers of history, natural monuments and culinary diversity will find something to enjoy here.

What architectural monuments can be found in Alanya?

Alanya Castle is considered the most famous architectural monument in this city. In the complex of buildings, you will find traces of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations. During the Byzantine period, the castle was also a port. Another architectural monument that has stood the test of time well is the Red Tower. It was built in the 13th century. Its purpose was to defend the fortress of Alanya, the harbor and the pier. It is now an ethnographic museum of the region. Another object worthy of attention is the shipyard. At the entrance of the building there is a heraldic sign with the emblem of Sultan Aladdin. The purpose of this building is to build a ship, repair it and launch it on the water for travel.

What is Damlata Cave famous for?

The name of Damlata Cave is made up of two Turkish words meaning drop and stone. This cave was discovered in 1948, one hundred meters from the sea. The volume of this cave reaches two and a half thousand cubic meters, in the cavity you will find endless stalactites and stalagmites, formed by dripping water in the cave. Here, the temperature is constantly 22 degrees, and the humidity level does not deviate from the 98 percent mark. According to the tour guide, this cave is worth visiting for people with asthma, because the internal conditions have a positive effect on the patient.

What local cuisine does the tourism organizer offer?

Although there are many restaurants in Alanya serving different cuisines from all over the world, you should still try to experience the local taste of Alanya cuisine. Among the national cold snacks, famous are “dolma” – rolls of vegetables and cheese, Turkish soup “corba” made of lentils or wheat, various Turkish meat stews with potatoes and vegetables, fish in bread dough, sugar-free cakes and Turkish sweets. Local tea and coffee and salve, hot milk drink with sugar, taste of wild orchid tuber powder.

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