Food bloggers have shared a quick soup recipe that will help you use up your zucchini and tomato harvest

New recipes are often born by accident in Greta’s kitchen, experimenting with products that are still in the fridge. This is a recipe for pureed zucchini and tomato soup.

“I have some delicious tomato sauce and zucchini in the fridge, so I’ll have to make something.” I’ve eaten soup with zucchini, but I haven’t tasted pureed, so I’m curious how the taste and texture will be revealed in this way – and everything turned out so well, I’ll definitely do it again,” said the food blogger.

Since it’s tomato season, you can replace the tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes. Only in this case, the blogger recommends seasoning the soup with lemon juice, herbs and, if you are not afraid, a little sugar.

Previously, the recipe writer shared ideas for pescetarian and vegetarian dishes. However, when it becomes clear that the body does not tolerate dairy products, eggs and other animal products, it should be abandoned. Greta, who has been sharing vegan dishes for almost a year, is happy with her well-being and new discoveries in the kitchen.

“Continuing to create plant-based recipes is always a bigger challenge,” he said.

Greta Bajoraitė, who started her blog during quarantine, didn’t always like to cook. Growing up with his parents, he learned the basics of production by watching his mother in the kitchen, but the experiments began after he moved to live independently. He soon realized that he was not only good at cooking, but that he also loved it. Therefore, constantly receiving compliments and requests to share recipes, the girl decided to create her own blog on Instagram.

Zucchini and tomato soup recipe:

For two servings you will need:

one small young zucchini
one small onion
three cloves of garlic
5 full v. sh. good quality tomato sauce (I use Beata “True Italian”, it’s super good for me! Just don’t use ketchup or paste)
about 200 ml vegetable broth (you can adjust the amount according to yourself, depending on the cream you like)
some fresh basil leaves
half a.š. smoked paprika powder
salt, pepper to taste
couple of olive oil

Production process:

1. Cut the onion. Fry with olive oil in the pan where you will make the soup.
2. Cut the zucchini into small pieces. Add it to the pot along with the chopped garlic. Cook, stirring constantly, until smooth.
3. Season with a little salt and pepper. Add tomato sauce. Saute for a few minutes.
4. Pour vegetable broth, smoked paprika and chopped basil leaves. Cook on low heat for about 10-15 minutes.
5. Puree the soup with an electric blender.
Eat with croutons or toast.


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