Fausta Marija Leščiauskaitė. When eating salad and soup, the male aggregate does not contract

Men need meat, not pigeons and not gays. Salad for your husband? No kidding, the woman said “I don’t eat from them”. What real man would eat porridge? Perlines or, even more, somehow already himself bobby bolivian dove chirping? Well, apart from politeness and fear for the woman who has put it because of weight loss, he will taste it, then he will pull sausage, pork, onion from the fridge and have a male snack. Men actually wear olives and cheese out of love or a desire to not look mean on a romantic date. And normal people, not modern milk drinkers, will buy kebabs for themselves. Or he’ll slaughter his own pig, but he won’t be satisfied with this nonsense. Because their stomachs are different, it is impossible for them to be satisfied with what a woman feels.

So, I tell you, real men and real women, where is the man who plows day and night moving the shovel or sickle, then needs food like the bear family? Perhaps from six o’clock in the morning until midnight, he bends over the fields without rest, without a lunch break, without a day? And on those rare days, when it happens like a miracle, how do the blue-haired people selflessly lift buckets, wood and cars with their bare hands?

Well, now let’s close the fairy tale book and tell you how it really is. Whether your husband works with moderate or no physical difficulties. Driving a bus, transporting goods, going to a meeting, talking on the phone, drawing on a notebook or computer, changing car oil, checking pipes, putting putty, teaching children or running a business. Statistically, these are some of the most popular occupations for men, and none of us want to be the average statistic, most of us. Yes, the daily caloric level of an average person, with moderate but normal physical activity, varies from two to three thousand kilocalories. About this amount is enough to support your body weight, all the body and brain functions you need and live a full life.

For example, an average of 300 grams of beef steak is about 400 kilocalories. I said very rough, mistakes are guaranteed, but some kind of starting point is required. A spoonful of butter contains about 100 kilocalories, and some people like to melt the latter on meat. Three medium potatoes, let’s assume that one potato weighs about 140 grams, will contain about 350 kilocalories. And let’s add that it will be mashed potatoes and will be rubbed with milk and butter – that’s another 200 kilocalories. A can of cola contains about 140 kilocalories. For dessert, people will eat some ordinary chocolate bars, which are well-known, which can contain about 250 kilocalories. Total – about 1340 kilocalories. So, eating three meals a day, which is not like a food festival, will make men exceed their recommended daily calorie intake.

The same calorie content can be obtained with salad. 250 grams of cooked lentils will contain approximately 300 kilocalories. Two medium fried eggs – about 160 kilocalories. Onions, a glass of cabbage, one medium carrot, one large tomato, one paprika will contain about 200 kilocalories. So, the sauce includes olive oil, for example, five large tablespoons, which will make 600 kilocalories, a teaspoon of mustard, a teaspoon of honey, a little lemon juice and a spoonful of balsamic vinegar, which will probably make it. about 30 kilocalories. I don’t know if the salad will be tasty, but people don’t have time to eat even dessert, and when it reaches 1340 kilocalories. Of course, you can add a little less lentils and pour less oil, but the bottom line is the same – there is no difference, porridge, herbs, meat, soup, potato pancakes or sandwiches – you can eat it the same way. Another question that is most important to me is what you give your body with the bite you put in your mouth, how many macro elements you get, how many vitamins and all the necessary substances. But if it’s just about eating, men and women can eat anything that is a food product.

Why does personal taste (or lack thereof), and sometimes just not being able to eat well, try to justify toxic masculinity or femininity? Why are women expected to have cake with berries, salad with grits, and men – pork and onions? When I’m eating meat, I’ll cut the best bacon, chop the onion and put a spoonful of horseradish on top. Cakes are not fun for me, and conversations between friends are born perfectly when holding not a cup of crumpled tea, but a piece of sausage. Since then, I have not become less of a woman, no new aggregates have grown between my legs. Well, when you try to make an excuse with physical work – yes, it is understandable that with heavy exercise, calories are needed. In other words, you want more. But even here, the same caloric effect can be obtained with non-masculine products. Of course, it is possible to argue about what substances are most needed by people who live a physically active life and it is best for nutritionists to do their work here, but I can give you a hand that the same effect can be obtained from both “men’s food” and “women’s food” “.

It’s just comical how people have given gender to even food in fear of masculinity or femininity. Just as men do not dare to smell roses – and marketing tricks are made for them, men’s and women’s perfumes, despite the fact that the smell is not suitable for only one gender – so they are afraid of cuisine. Out of habit, due to stereotypes, ignorance and inexperience.

Well, men no longer hold bison with their hands. No need to pretend to be primitive, wild and uncomfortable. Don’t be too scared of that salad, give it a try – it won’t reduce your pimp to a raisin, I promise.

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