Doctors refute the most popular myth: do not damage your immunity by eating soup

Reject the notion that a healthy body is alkaline

According to doctors, although there is a traditional method if we want to be healthy, we must maintain an alkaline environment in the body and avoid acidic products, in fact the virus is alkaline in nature, so it can develop in the same environment. . Therefore, to be healthy, we must not reduce the acidity of the stomach, which reduces age: the stomach of a 60-year-old produces five times less hydrochloric acid than a 20-year-old.

“There is a lot of talk about the harm of an acidic medium and the benefits of an alkaline medium. For example, stomach or duodenal ulcers are believed to be diseases caused by increased stomach acid, so all efforts can be made to reduce it. Finally, it works. And what happened? It was different from what was expected – going, that person feels worse,” DELFI’s interlocutor testified.

According to him, kilograms of old cells are formed in our body every day. These cells must be destroyed by the acid. Hydrochloric acid is most suitable for this, so the doctor advises to suck a little salt (on the tip of a knife) half an hour after eating. “Don’t be afraid of salt. Sodium chloride is necessary to repair our blood cells and is not stored in the body. If it is less, the whites of the eyes turn blue, the hands become cold. Rocks are formed from various salt formations. However, the salt should be simple, not iodized, because the latter has been processed. Fresh vegetables should only be eaten with salt, and meat should also be salted,” said D. Naumovs.

According to him, our ancestors, unlike us, ate a lot of pickled vegetables. In addition to cabbage and cucumbers, you can pickle beets, garlic, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, peppers. A very serious theory explains why it is healthy to eat fermented vegetables. Our body is composed of acids, in other words, a double process takes place in the body: on the one hand, there are processes related to living tissue – based on vinegar and electrons, on the other hand, there are changes related to alcohol and photons . Anything that has grown through photosynthesis and has not been processed with yeast or fermentation, alkalizes the body.

Healthy soup – only from pickled vegetables

D. Naumov claims a revolutionary postulate – our favorite soup is an unhealthy dish. Unfermented vegetables, when boiled, become useless, but harmful to our body, because they no longer have the ability to destroy acids. It is especially bad to cook green leafy vegetables such as spinach.

According to doctors, the body synthesizes about a liter of acetic acid every day, and the most important thing is to maintain immunity. By receiving enough acetic acid, patients who are being treated for other diseases are surprised that they stop having colds or feel better in a few days, even if they have been sick for weeks. It doesn’t help that many cold remedies also contain acetic acid.

“By the way, there are no receptors in humans that distinguish between acidic and alkaline products. A sour taste in the mouth can be caused by any food. For example, if we eat an unripe apple that is sour, we can “experience” gastritis or at least diarrhea. Take sour apple from the jar, we can cure the disease, although this apple is also sour. Lemon is acidic, but it alkalizes the body, so it is not suitable for colds. When you have a cold, you should not use lemon, but citric acid – a small amount, just on the tip of the knife. It helps a lot to protect against viral infections,” explained the interviewer.

When we eat meat, fish, eggs, these foods also become acetic acid in the body, so D. Naumov does not recommend giving up meat, although he admits that he rarely eats it.

“In my opinion, if people do heavy physical work, they should eat meat. Office workers should eat a warm dish of pickled vegetables. The healthiest product that “treats” patients is borscht made of pickled vegetables. If you eat this soup every day , you will stop getting sick, because this vegetable produces acetic acid in the body. By eating soup made from vegetables that are not boiled, on the contrary, we harm our health, because the soup alkalizes the body, reduces stomach acidity and accumulates salt in the body, thus weakening immunity . Boiled vegetables can also be eaten, but not cold. Then it causes a different reaction in the body. Fresh vegetables are not a bad thing, but the salad made from them should be eaten not with oil, but with sour cream. Oil it reduces the digestive process, which causes bloating. If we want to pour oil on vegetables, it is necessary to mix it with vinegar. You can make the sauce: chop onion head, sprinkle with vinegar and add oil,” said the gastroenterologist.

It is very easy to prepare vegetables at home – wash the vegetables, put them in a container and pour boiling water, add 1-2 teaspoons of salt to 1 liter of water. Place oak leaves or currants or horseradish, dill on top and press down. Keep for 2-3 weeks.

The most suitable meat for our body is pork

According to the interview, the most suitable meat for our body is pork, because its molecules are almost the same, so this meat is absorbed by 90%. Pork is also very useful, especially when rubbed with garlic, which facilitates digestion, while the fat of beef and mutton is harmful. Cold is also very beneficial for our joints. By the way, women need less meat than men, because women’s bodies don’t have as much muscle and don’t need as much energy.

Dmitry Naumov

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“Our digestive system is like a two-part machine. In the middle of the day, the stomach is more active, which means that acidic foods are more suitable – meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, kefir, pickled vegetables, mushrooms. Because enzymes are produced in the body only in the morning , which helps digest meat. In the evening, the meat will only rot in the digestive tract, because the duodenum is more active in the second half of the day, which requires alkaline foods – fresh vegetables, various porridges, fresh fruits. Vegetables and fruits is the main source of fiber, which activates the activity of the digestive tract. Apple is a healthy fruit that has a cleansing effect on the body,” explained D. Naumovs.

So we need cereal, but according to the doctor, they are not suitable for breakfast. In addition, it is not compatible with fruits, which are also alkaline in the body – it is better to eat them again with pickled vegetables. He advises people with digestive problems to avoid oatmeal, which can reduce stomach acid.

Healthy people claim to have cured themselves with alkaline foods

Among nutritionists, there is a general opinion that 70 percent is still needed to maintain body balance. alkalizing and about 30 percent. acidifying food

“Everyone receives acidic and alkaline substances when eating and drinking with food. However, the eating habits of Lithuanians in general are not optimal: fatty foods are consumed too often and too much, and protein-rich foods are emphasized (meat, various sausages, cheese , eggs). Foods rich in protein are broken down into acids in the body. Therefore, to maintain the acid-base balance in the body, it is necessary to eat fresh vegetables and fruits with sufficient alkaline properties”, said Dr. Marius Baranauskas.

Alkaline foods include many vegetables: spinach, white, cauliflower or sauerkraut, celery, parsley, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, as well as fruits (bananas, grapes, grapefruit, cherry, pineapple, orange, peach, raisin and lemon). Many drinks are also characterized by more alkaline properties – juices from various fruits (lemon, orange, apple), red and white wine, mineral water, coffee, green, black, fruit tea, sour milk. However, all other dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese) are more or less acidic. The body is acidified by many nuts (almonds, walnuts, groundnuts), except for hazelnuts, and various wheat products.

Ksavera Vaištarienė, president of the Lithuanian Vegetarian Society, also believes that food should alkalize the body. According to him, blood pH should be around 7.35, which can only be achieved by eating twice as much fruit and vegetables as all other products. According to the interviewer, leguminous vegetables are also slightly acidic, but if other vegetables and fruits are consumed more, the acid has been neutralized.

“Any food that is cooked, even vegetables, has lost its good alkalizing properties, so if certain vegetables cannot be eaten raw, they should be cooked quickly.” For example, lentils, peas, beans do not need to be cooked at all – it is enough to soak overnight in cold water. Only beans should be cooked because they contain glucosides that need to be dissolved by heat. It is enough to soak buckwheat in cold water for only three hours – and you can add oil, add spices and eat it as porridge. The soaked rice should be boiled and left under the pillow for half an hour. Anyway, you don’t need to cook the grits until they become sticky, when there is nothing – boil for five minutes and that’s enough. Everything that is cooked already contains inorganic elements that the body does not need. I myself have based my diet on this principle for 30 years. In half a year I will be 80 years old, but my original biological age is 45. A person who eats meat, cheese, and cottage cheese, if he is 60 years old, he is physiologically like 90 years old, “knows the woman who treated herself. serious and incurable diseases food a few decades ago.

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