After seeing the dishes in the restaurant, the visitors missed only one thing – mournful music

So this time I chose another restaurant, located in Krikštėnai Manor.

I recommend a visit here to everyone who likes to visit the Manor Complex and think back to the times when stylish ladies, protected from the sun with white cloth umbrellas and their attendants who were dressed no worse, walked along the cobbled streets around the Manor.

But seeing the Manor complex wasn’t our main goal, so after deciding it would be too hot to sit on the outdoor terrace, we entered the restaurant.

I know very well that it is very expensive to keep warm in a big house in the winter, so I will not mind the smell when I enter. I will only mention that it seems to remind me of a visit to my grandmother in the village meadow, only in the manor it feels a little weak.

But when we went through the menu a few minutes later, we had forgotten that strange smell.

About the drinks. It is strange when a catering establishment advertises itself as a restaurant, but cannot offer fresh lime juice or other orange juice.

And we are not impressed by the fact that the juice is offered by a well-known semi-finished juice producer. I can understand if I wanted some mango, pomegranate or even other exotic fruit juice, but I wanted simple oranges.

Below is even more fun. The menu offers two soups: soup of the day and manor soup – beer with beef. I, who was in the manor, always asked for the manor soup, because I could eat the soup another day.

But the waiter replied that there was no manor soup. For a restaurant that’s only open on weekends, telling the first customer who arrives on Saturday that there’s no soup on the menu is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Well, no. We ordered soup of the day, tartare and a couple of steaks.

You don’t have to wait a long time to order, but if you see that the bartender who serves himself is not in the hall, but in the kitchen, when the plate is prepared, I try to guess that he also contributes to the production of food.

So, as I said, we saw the waiter again as he served the soup and tartar to the table. After working up a good appetite, he returned to the kitchen.

Looking at the vegetable soup, I think I found the answer to why I didn’t make manor soup that day. All betrayed by potatoes. Such a texture of water appears only after the soup has stood and after some time everything has been heated. So my guess is why the manor soup wasn’t cooked that day: why cook another soup if there were leftovers from yesterday? A lack of customers often dictates the same decision.

But Tartarus is a riddle I still can’t figure out. Answer: The first thing I did after the tasting was take the menu because I wanted to make sure I read correctly that the tuna tartare.

It didn’t taste good at all when I tasted it. Trying to put as many ingredients as possible into one dish kills all the flavors. And while writing the text and looking at the photo of the tartare, the thought made it clear that the taste characteristics are not important for the person who made this dish – he was not even interested in whether the ingredients used would be compatible with each other. he was just looking for color.

And the huge clock layer, which the whole mass planted, just killed everything. And if you have to try to guess why such nonsense, there is only one explanation. Whoever ordered the tartare recipe insists that tartare is like a homemade salad, it doesn’t look like it, but it has a lot of ingredients.

So a few bites of tartare, and we are hungry for the main course, with me still hoping to rehabilitate this place.

But after seeing the dishes, before even tasting them, I could boldly ask the waiter to play the funeral song that will become the symbol of this restaurant’s funeral.

A beef steak the size of a newborn baby’s belly. And this is not only due to the small amount of meat – mostly due to the fact that the person who cuts the beef fillet does not know what angle of the knife to hold when cutting the beef, so that the muscles do not work. it shrinks a lot from the heat later on when cooking.

I like to use Lithuanian, but only if we have a substitute for the English term. So when I order a beef steak, I tell the waiter that I want the meat cooked “medium rare”, that’s what he wants. At least that’s what I expect in a restaurant. And when you hear “average, right?” in response to my request, I know that there is nothing good hidden behind “average, right?”.

When I cut into the steak and see that it is not “medium rare”, but at least “medium well”, I know that I will not be able to enjoy a delicious steak today.

They don’t know that steak requires a special knife. So when I tried to satisfy my hunger and munching on the beef on the plate to cut off another piece, I watched another cat successfully try to cut off a piece of pheasant.

If I manage to cut the beef with a table knife using some physical effort, the pheasant continues like an iron man. The knife scratched the surface for a long time and it was boring, so after a few bites we called the waiter and expressed our complaint.

Refusing the steak, we offer to take it to the kitchen and give it to the cooks to taste. And ask if it can be watched.

The answer I heard from the returning waiter was not surprising. I think the same word is used here: the pheasant is good, you may not know that the meat is very dry.

Maybe it will be enough for him, but not for me. I have eaten pheasant many times and I know very well that the meat is drier than goose or duck, and I also know that it can be cooked very quickly.

And when serving the pheasant there is a necessary sauce, and not “sprinkle” with it, like in the priest’s church. It is best to serve the pheasant in fat sauce, where the pheasant meat will soften when soaked. But the same advice applies only to well-cooked birds. The pheasant that is served will not come back to life even if it is dipped in the gravy.

I summarize. The fact that the restaurant does not stuff the pheasant is a good deed even if you don’t agree with the customer’s opinion.

And in short, my impression will match the words spoken by the woman sitting at the next table with her company. Opening the menu, he said: shame there is no zeppelin here. And I’m very sorry that they all ordered parts of the pheasant, and I never saw how they ended up.

And he was right about the potato dish. I know that by writing a bad review now, I’m going to get the same reaction I got after the Radius concert when I said they should perform at the party.

I fully understand that we all have different tastes, and this is also demonstrated by the “Rock Restaurant” function.

But I have no doubt that people who often eat tuna, beef or pheasant at higher-end restaurants will not return after eating at Rock’s Kitchen. Because the scale of taste value has been raised high by kitchen professionals who create masterpieces and do not spoil the food.

I don’t know how the menu of Lithuanian cuisine will fit into the entire Manor complex, but with the existing kitchen contingent, only potato dishes and village “veseles” will save this restaurant from bankruptcy… Trying to pretend it is. The restaurant is just a soap bubble that has been greatly inflated.

I rate the restaurant “Rock Kitchen” 2/5. And again, this is my opinion, and not necessarily yours. Unlike other disappointed people, I’m not telling you not to go there. On the contrary, I suggest you go and check how much truth there is in my mind.

“fat cat”

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