8 must-try dishes in Turkey

Many tourists are interested in what traditional Turkish cuisine is and what local “gourmets” like and recommend. Lithuanian Erika Demirbuga, who has been living and working in the field of tourism in Turkey for 14 years, and Aušra Vickienė, the head of the Turkish direction of the international tour operator “Coral Travel”, which started operations in Lithuania, show how unique Turkey is. cuisine is.

Turkish breakfast

“Turkish people usually like to have breakfast for a long time. On weekends, people go out to have breakfast with family or friends in cafes or restaurants, and those who want to have breakfast in the countryside even go tens of kilometers or more. Breakfast is usually it starts with a cup of Turkish tea and always ends with a special Turkish coffee,” says Aušra Vickienė.

Turkish breakfast is not just about eating, the most important thing here is communication with those sitting at the table. Turkish breakfast is served on small and elegant plates or bowls, and Turkish black tea is served in traditional tulip-shaped glass cups.

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

for breakfast (breakfast – literally translated from Turkish, meaning “before coffee”) is usually served with freshly baked bread, honey, jam, sheep’s and goat’s milk cheese, tomatoes, boiled eggs, cucumbers, black and green olives, classic Turkish tea, omelets (in addition that). called I think – a mixture of fried tomatoes, onions, green peppers and eggs), sesame seeds and grape glaze pureed tahın pekmez.

123rf.com Turkish photos/food

123rf.com Turkish photos/food

“Each region of Turkey has its own traditional Turkish breakfast. The abundance of dishes and unique flavors are different. For example, Turkish breakfast in Antalya will be different from breakfast in Kaiser, Van, Trabzon or Gaziantep. Mediterranean resort breakfast is lighter, uses more vegetables, less meat and less spicy,” says Erika Demirbuga.

Soup for lunch and dinner

The heritage of Turkish gastronomic culture is thick soup target made from yogurt, green or red lentils or chickpeas, tomatoes, hot peppers, meat broth. It is eaten even during parties and is one of the most popular soups. “Tarhana is quick to make and a delicious dish that comes from Central Asia. You will find many types and improvisations of this soup, and the preparation and consumption are different in each region”, emphasized A. Vickienė.

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

Soups occupy a special place in Turkish cuisine, some of which are known around the world. The soup can be eaten at lunch, dinner or even after midnight and served hot or cold, depending on the recipe. Soup is not always eaten at the beginning, but it is usually at the table.

“In different regions, it is made from beef, chicken, pea flour, yogurt, pasta, lentils. Lentil soup (Turk. look at me) you can taste in all regions of Turkey, made only from green or orange lentils, and tastes similar to Lithuanian pumpkin soup.

Perhaps not every tourist has heard the word okra translated into Lithuanian, it means “okra”. Bamya soup can be called an exotic soup, it tastes like a boiled frog. This soup is considered very healthy, rich in minerals and vitamins, suitable for people who want to lose weight or people with diabetes”, suggests Erika Demirbuga.

Appetizers – quickly taste Turkish cuisine

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

If you can’t decide what to choose from the menu, you can order a set dish that includes a variety of traditional cold dishes. Usually Meze consists of about 20 appetizers, ranging from bean dishes and salads to condiments and spreads, served with toast and drinks.

“If you want to understand the food culture in Turkey, this is the best place to start Meze. You can call them appetizers or small masterpieces – they are an important part of the table throughout the country, the real pride and joy of Turkey,” said a representative of Coral Travel. Appetizers very suitable to taste together with rakija (turk. raki) or other alcoholic beverages.

Plate vegetables with olive oil

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

“Turkey is one of the 5 largest olive growers and olive oil producers in the world. Legend says that this is the birthplace of the olive tree. Olive oil is used to cook many dishes,” said the head of the Turkish department.

Vegetable dishes with olive oil are the highlight of Turkish cuisine. This is the key to good taste and health. “Frost leaves – grape leaves stuffed with rice or meat or biber dolma – stuffed with green pepper, imam bayildi – stuffed eggplant with onions, garlic and tomatoes, spread throughout the Ottoman Empire. This oil is used to prepare a smidgen or artichoke dish. Olive oil can also be tasted by spreading it on toast, so its true aroma is revealed,” added a Lithuanian woman living in Turkey.

Kebab is a popular food all over the world

One of the most famous flavors of Turkish cuisine in the world is kebab. Kebab – pieces of meat pierced with skewers and cooked on fire. In Turkey, almost every region has its own type of kebab. The most famous Turkish Kebab is kebab adana, kebab cağ, kebab oyener, kebab iskender, kebab kökertmeeggplant kebab, etc

“Traditionally, goat is used to make kebabs, but in different regions, beef, chicken or even fish can be used,” said A. Vickienė.

Turkish mantis or ravioli

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

Manti, also known as Turkish ravioli or dumplings, is one of the best dishes in Turkish culinary culture. Kaiser City is also known as the birthplace of Mantai. Especially delicious, served with fresh yogurt, melted butter, chopped herbs, and chili flakes.

“In the 15th century, manti was a staple of Ottoman cuisine and is said to have been eaten almost every day by Sultan Mehmed II. Mantas are not large. Forty pieces stacked on top of each other can fit into one spoon. Most of them are made from beef, but there are also that’s vegetarian,” said a representative of the company.

Some of the tastiest are sinop manti, kayseri manti, society manti. It’s shaped like an unopened rose, all made with beef filling, that’s all I’m sorry – with potato and butter filling.

Marinated vegetables

123rf.com photo/Turşu

123rf.com photo/Turşu

Pickled cucumbers, beets, peppers, garlic or other vegetables – a typical dish of Turkish cuisine. pickle. In stores, it is often sold in decorated jars.

“There are even shops dedicated to pickled products in Turkey.” Pickling is an old culinary tradition in Turkey. Here you can find pickled peppers, cucumbers, olives, stuffed eggplants, green almonds and walnuts. You can drink a glass of pickled or fermented vegetable drink at the market,” suggests Erika Demirbuga.

Lithuanians living in Turkey added that Turks are still very happy turnipis a pickled beetroot drink that you can buy at any grocery store.

Baklava is a dessert for all occasions

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

Photo Coral Travel / Food in Turkey

The most famous Turkish dessert, baklava, is made from a thin layer of dough covered with nuts. There is a real art to making crispy baklava drenched in light syrup made from sugar, water and lemon juice.

“It is eaten at births, at weddings, funerals, at a new job or to mark any other event. Baklava is the national dessert. Up to 45 layers of dough are used to make each cake, which is transparent like a butterfly’s wing,” he said. Erika Demirbuga. The most delicious baklava comes from the city of Gaziantep, because pistachio nuts give it a special taste.

Cooking in Turkey is a serious activity that is in the blood of almost all Turks – it is a tradition and a kind of therapy. Food is a second religion. “In fact, different regions or even cities can be recognized and described by tasting and savoring Turkish cuisine,” said Aušra Vickienė, head of the Turkish department.

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