7 tricks to planning a dinner menu with ease

Menu planning saves time and helps keep costs down. Vaida Budrienė, communications manager of the shopping chain “This”, said that Lithuanians spend more time planning their purchases, buy responsibly, use discount offers, and pay attention to seasonality.

“Autumn is a powerful time, so smart and fast shopping is a priority for many. So that everyone can find the right offer, we have prepared various savings campaigns and attractive offers for the most popular product groups.

We also encourage shoppers to plan their purchases in advance, to include seasonal products in their daily shopping basket. We notice that our efforts are also appreciated by the people who visit the store”, said V. Budrienė.

A new school year brings new challenges every year, so meal planning is a great way to balance your time. Dedicating a weekend afternoon to creating a menu, shopping, preparing ingredients or preparing meals for the next few days will make the coming week easier.

Here are some tips that will help you plan your weekly shopping and menu quickly and easily.

Where to start when planning the menu?

Try the recipes. Make a list of meals your family usually likes or recipes you want to try. If you don’t have inspiration, open some cookbooks or watch your favorite cooking show, you can find a variety of quick and easy recipes on social networks.

Ask your brother.

At dinner, ask family members what they want to eat next week. In this way, you will not only prepare a dish that many family members like, but you will also find a variety of the healthiest recipes at the same time. alternative.

For example, sometimes replacing traditional potatoes with sweet ones, baking pancakes with wheat flour, making fresh fruit salad with yogurt instead of dessert.

Do not bake in a half-empty oven.

To save, you need to think not only about food waste, but also about saving other resources. To use less electricity, try to prepare more food when cooking in the oven. One-pot or one-pot dishes are perfect for this: stews, fish or meat with vegetables, lasagna or other casseroles.

Plan a theme night.

Tired of finding a new recipe every night? No problem. Set aside certain days, such as Tuesday and Thursday evenings, for your favorite dishes or ingredients. Set Tuesday for Mexican cuisine, and try different types of fish or seafood on Thursday.

Don’t forget about seasonality.

When planning your weekly menu, don’t forget to include seasonal fruits and vegetables. In autumn, enjoy pumpkins, squash, zucchini, bake plum pies or make compote.

Try new flavors.

To surprise the family with a special dish – do not forget to season with many different spices. Indian spices can add a special flavor to stews, and you can also choose unexpected flavors for marinating meat – from dry basil and oregano to ginger or cumin, soy sauce.

Prepare salad dressing using the juice of not only lemons, but also other citrus fruits. Also, don’t forget the variety of side dishes. For example, combine rice with beans, couscous with feta and vegetables.

Prepare in advance.

Set aside an hour or so on the weekend to make various preparations. For example, if next week’s plan includes soup, make the broth over the weekend. Cut and prepare vegetables, mushrooms, cover beans or porridge the night before.

If you have more time, prepare the pulled meat at the weekend, the rest of which can be used in the coming week to prepare a variety of dishes, from hamburgers to tacos or burritos.

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