20 hearty soups that slim you down

Yahoo.com presents a list of 20 delicious and slimming soups that you can easily find recipes for. This soup is also very suitable in the cold season, in order to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds.

1. Boil peanuts in a clay pot

This fat-free vegan recipe is a real treat. Celery, carrots, and onions provide flavor, antioxidants, and protein-rich beans provide satiety. You can find the verified recipe in English here.

2. Instant chicken and rice soup

One of the easiest dishes for lunch: rice, celery, carrots, chicken breast and parsley.

3. Siamese pumpkin soup

Everyone loves tomato soup, but mashed pumpkin soup is the queen of soups. It is not only delicious, but also rich in vitamin A, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. One version of the recipe is here.

4. Tortilla soup

This soup will provide 86 percent. daily allowance of sodium. Chicken, tomato broth and lots of ingredients. Is it delicious?

20 hearty soups that slim you down

5. A variety of vegetable soup with beans

Most people eat very little vegetables and fruits. If you cook vegetable soup, you will definitely not be one of them. Add whatever vegetables you have, the most important thing is to add a spoonful of pesto at the end, which will bind all the flavors together. Here are some options.

6. Broccoli and cheddar soup

Normally this soup is mostly cheese, but we recommend adding more broccoli and just a little grated cheddar, along with a splash of beer.

7. Baked potato soup

For less calories, cook the soup with chicken broth. This soup is made with pork, cheese, hot sauce, lots of fresh herbs, and a little olive oil. Of course, don’t forget to add fries.

8. Asian beef and noodle soup

Unforgettable taste will be given by ginger and soy broth, where you cook beef pieces and noodles, Chinese cabbage pieces. Soup is healthy and hearty.



9. Gazpacho (chilled, pureed Spanish tomato sauce)

Gazpacho will cheer you up on a hot day. This soup is especially recommended to be made in August and September, when tomatoes are abundant.

10. Barley soup with beef

This soup contains 16 g of protein, lots of vitamin A, selenium, and is very tasty.

11. Pumpkin and cauliflower soup with coconut milk and coriander

Did you know that a cup of cooked pumpkin has only 49 calories and 3 grams of fiber? This soup is dairy free, instead of coconut milk.

12. Bolivian pigeon soup

Bolivian pigeons are famous as a source of many vitamins. If you save parsley, it will also be rich in antioxidants. Instead of parsley, you can add chopped green coriander.

13. Asian buckwheat flour noodle soup

Do not skimp on carrots, Chinese cabbage, be sure to add soy sauce (find one with less salt) and of course, the main component – buckwheat flour noodles.

14. Potato and kale soup

A true winter soup. Cook potato and kale soup with chicken broth.

20 hearty soups that slim you down

15. Fish

Most people imagine the soup to be so thick that there is a spoon in the bowl. Well, in a real fish dish, there are usually molluscs, as well as a splash of milk. And be sure to cut the smoked pork – it will add more flavor.

16. French onion soup

We will not lie, French onion soup takes time to cook, but it does not take much effort, and you will cry chopping five onions.

17. Italian soup with meatballs

No one eats meatballs with spaghetti in Italy, that’s American ingenuity. In Italy, meatballs are eaten in soup. They are not cooked with spaghetti, but in vegetable broth. Meatball soup is usually served with a salad.

18. Italian soup with sausage

Simple soup with vegetables, meat and noodles. You can add any vegetables you can think of, don’t forget sausage and thin macaroni.

19. Mother’s chicken soup with noodles

Do not cook soup with canned chicken broth under any circumstances – it contains a lot of salt. Cook your own chicken broth, add vegetables, pasta, and chicken pieces – it’s light, simple, not too high in calories.

20. Pea soup

Split peas are rich in fiber, B vitamins and other important substances. A slow simmer of split peas with a selection of vegetables and a slice of smoked ham results in a thick soup that will warm you up on a cold winter day.

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